W5 Neighbourhoods

Ward 5 is located in the heart of the City of Guelph, bounded by Waterloo Avenue on the north, Kortright Avenue on the south, Victoria Road to the east, and the city boundary on the west.

Ward 5 is a diverse community of historic and newer neighbourhoods, the University of Guelph, Village by the Arboretum, hotels, schools, agri-food research park, and Guelph’s largest retail shopping mall.

Ward 5 also boasts some of the most picturesque natural spaces in the city – Royal City Park, the Arboretum, the Cutten Club (private), and kilometres of naturalized trails.

Ward 5 is a community of vibrant neighbourhoods:

Old University Neighbourhood

Old City Neighbourhood

Campus Estates Neighbourhood

University Village Neighbourhood

Hanlon Creek Neighbourhood

Village by the Arboretum

Hales Barton Monticello Neighbourhood

Mayfield Park Community Association

South End Rate Payers Association (SERPA)

Manor Park Residences

University Village Neighbourhood Group

Did I miss your neighbourhood? Email Me.

8 thoughts on “W5 Neighbourhoods

  1. mz. Piper, please do not try to whitewash this problem with the college
    children. It’s only been a couple of weeks and already residents are fed up.
    We want action not hemming and hawing about the drunken yelling and
    disruptive behavior at 2 in the morning. Taxpayers are talking about moving
    out of Guelph. Please do you your job.

    • Hi theviggen: If there is a specific address that is problematic, our bylaw enforcement and Guelph Police Service likely have added it to their “zero tolerance” list. Charges and fines are being levied regularly on properties across the city. Keep calling if your neighbourhood is not improving, and please feel free to email me directly as well, as we have areas that receive pro-active enforcement and perhaps we can work to refocus resources on a specific problem area. LP

  2. How can I find out about this list? I’ve called17 times this year about a specific address. Corner of James and Gordon. Yesterday the lawn was covered in filth. I also notice that this years crop of students has moved out, and is being replaced; so I probably will have to start again. I am considering all other legal means, up to citizens arrests, under the new statutes. This corner is a blight.

  3. I have had the same experience as the viggen. Over the last few months my neighbour and I have both been making quite a few phone calls because of the noise from the students that live behind us. After it seemed like nothing was changing I spoke with a bylaw officer and asked what was being done. Let’s just say that I was less than re-assured by what I was told, which wasn’t much. I am tired of watching our once quite neighbourhood being overtaken with loud students without any respect for the full-time residents that I have decided to fight back with as many calls as I need to make to the police. Many residents in our area have decided to just move out of the area, which I don’t blame them however these homes have now been filled with more students. With the Homecoming game coming very soon and with what happened last year I hope the Police are more prepared and this time be more severe with the tickets they hand out. Maybe they should had one to every person who is walking down the street with a red cup in their hand!

  4. Why do you need to get involved.
    Why are bylaw and police not doing their job.What are they getting paid for.
    Maybe it’s time to get people who actually will do their job
    Why does it take you to tell them to do their job
    The magic number I think is 20 calls before anything is done, by then the new bunch move in
    and it starts all over again.It’s a great system bylaw have.And here I thought the city was broke.

  5. If you had the landlords phone number, you could call them and wake them up at 2 am each and every time you are disturbed by the students. Have all the neighbours call this number each and every time…soon they will get the message….don’t forget to also phone the police, bylaw and perhaps councillors if nothing is done. This has been a problem for many years..it is not getting better, its getting worse….university towns seem to have this problem…too many bars etc. keep complaining…don’t give up!

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