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Word of the Day: “Makerspace”

The new buzz word in urbanism is “makerspace”.   It follows on the heels of “placemaking”  which is slightly different.  Placemaking focuses on creating a physical built environment that encourages people to congregate, stay and interact within a landscape.   Market Square … Continue reading

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TIF Grants: Giveaways or Good Policy?

A recent letter to the editor in a local paper decried the use of brownfield grant incentives given to Tricar, the developer who is building on the former Marsh Tire site on the corner of Wellington and Macdonell.  See letter … Continue reading

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Hanlon Creek Business Park Performing Well

Last week ‘s Guelph Tribune featured an article and editorial about the performance of Guelph Hanlon Creek Business Park.  Unfortunately, the article was entirely based on the personal commentary of one councillor. Many of the statements made in the article, are … Continue reading

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Feeling Great about Guelph!

This is worth sharing — from the series Profiles hosted by Terry Bradshaw…. As per the Mayor’s blog,  it is worth noting that Guelph is the ONLY Canadian city that was featured in this series.  One of several Canadian cities….

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Canada’s Number ONE Next Most Livable City? GUELPH! has ranked Guelph as Canada’s # 1 Next Most Livable City.    We are no stranger to being in the top 1o or 15, but this ranking is especially sweet  because our Community Energy Initiative, our world-class university and our … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Market at its Best Today

Guelph’s community spirit was alive and well at the Farmer’s Market today!  Thank you to all the vendors who set up shop and to the many, many regular and new customers who came out to support them.  Over 2,600 people … Continue reading

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Two major land sales were announced at the Guelph City Council meeting last night! Two employers, bringing a combined total of approx. 370 to Guelph, plan to locate at the Hanlon Creek Business Park. Due to confidential negotiations re: purchase, … Continue reading

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