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NEWS RELEASE: Interim Solution Allows South End Rink to Continue

News Release from CAO Ann Pappert: An update from the CAO on the skating rink in Pine Ridge Guelph, ON, January 30, 2015 – We said yesterday that we’re interested in working with the residents of Pine Ridge on a … Continue reading

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OPINION: Full-time or Part-Time Councillors?

The following article was recently published in the Guelph Mercury:  Opinions Differ on Ward Boundaries, Work Status of Councillors.   Guelph Citizen also recently weighed in with this article — Councillors deserves a raise.  A big raise.  It’s an interesting and … Continue reading

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PD: A Wise Investment

I can’t think of a single profession that doesn’t benefit from professional development.  I want my doctor to learn the latest research on prescription medication or a new diagnostic tool.  Teachers need to be on top of new curriculum, and … Continue reading

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Tips, Snitches or Ombuds?

Due to a previously scheduled commitment, I was not able to attend Monday’s Council meeting.  Chris from the Merc asked the next day how I would have voted on the subject of a city hall “tip line” for residents or … Continue reading

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Change to Delegation Registration

Recently, Council approved a change to the registration deadline for oral and written delegations to Council from Monday at 12 noon to Friday at 9:00 am. There has been some feedback from the community that this change might stifle public participation in … Continue reading

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I Love By-Laws – Part 2

Part One click here. The 1850 – 1880s must have been an interesting time in Guelph.  The transformation from a town of 3,000 to a city of over 10,000 came with significant financial, social and cultural change.   Guelph was given … Continue reading

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I Love By-laws!

But not the way you think! By-laws are simply functional rules by which citizens of a municipality govern themselves and behave as a community. They are wide-ranging and in most cases cover everyday governance matters, such as street names, sidewalk … Continue reading

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