Ward 5 Heroes: Lisa Kahn and Ruth Haley

Lisa Kahn and Ruth Haley truly exemplify the meaning of grassroots community leadership. When the Hydro corridor in Silvercreek Park was clear cut last fall the surrounding community was presented with a vision of how the space could be transformed into a meadow of grasses and wildflowers that would benefit both the community and the environment. Ruth and Lisa worked tirelessly to organize the community to plant wildflowers and shrubs in the corridor. Their work didn’t end there! Due to a dry spring they were busy organizing the watering of these plants as well as the pulling of invasive garlic mustard weeds. They have inspired their families and neighbours to join them in nurturing this new space. They also know the fruits of their labour will not be fully expressed for a few years though we can already see lovely Black-eyed Susans sprinkled throughout the meadow. Many children have joined their parents in the work of environmental stewardship, like Lisa’s children, Avery and Grayson, pictured here. Thank you Lisa and Ruth for your leadership!


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