FAQ: How Much Snow Triggers a Residential Street Plough-outs?

With rain in the forecast for this coming week….here’s what you need to know about residential snow clearing.

When snow accumulation reaches 10 cm, a full residential plough-out is triggered.  This could be 8 cm all at once, or 5 cm one day and 5 cm the next day.  Of course, there are always exceptions when public safety or driving conditions require action (ie. slush or ruts). If warranted, the GM, Public Works may call for a full residential plough-out before the 10 cm threshold is reached.

Once a residential plough-out is called, it will take at least 24 hours to clear all of the residential streets in the city.  Arterial roads and transit routes will take priority.  Everything you are itching to know about snow removal can be found HERE on the City of Guelph website.


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