INFORMATION: Hydro One Vegetation Management

For your information …. here is a link to Hydro One’s Vegetation Management practices.

In other news, it appears that Guelph residents are not alone in challenging the clear-cutting practices along Hydro One transmission corridors….






One thought on “INFORMATION: Hydro One Vegetation Management

  1. Hydro Ones “Greenhouse Management Practices” state that: “period maintenance programs using a general target of six to eight-year cycles depending on the location within the province and local conditions.” so my question is when did Hydro One, last do any such maintenance and tree trimming in the Municipal St/Water St/Pacific Place area? Has it been within the last 6-8 years? Or is the drastic clear cutting that they are planning to do now, a result of their negligence in not doing more regular and less drastic trimming per their own schedule? It seems to me that if they followed their own guidelines the maintenance now would not have needed to be so severe.

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