UPDATE: Hydro One Meeting with City Officials

On Tuesday, October 13, Hydro One forestry and communications staff met with city officials (Forestry and Environmental staff, as well as a political representatives) on site.  Hydro One was presented with a petition from residents regarding the removal of all vegetation along the transmission corridor from Cedar Street to the Hanlon.


The meeting covered a wide range of questions and concerns that we have heard clearly from residents, namely:

  • one week’s notice on the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend is unacceptable
  • why a clear cut approach at a time when urban forestry renewal is best practice?
  • what other options are there to preserve buffer trees along property lines?
  • why the rush to start work next week?
  • better communication with residents is essential
  • a resident meeting was proposed to better define the work to be done
  • what native restoration species is best for the area?

We left the meeting with some progress made, although Hydro One was very clear about their intent to use a clear cut method of removal rather than selective individual removals.  They were also clear that cedar and native hardwood would not meet the criteria to remain along the corridor due to height.

The following was agreed to by all parties when we left the site meeting:

  • Hydro One will delay the start of the project for one week
  • Hydro One will host a resident meeting (next week likely Tuesday or Thursday)
  • City staff will meet with Hydro One reps later this week to review the restoration plan and to advocate for the use of native pollinator species to enhance this corridor for wildlife habitat
  • Hydro One staff will review boundary tree retention with each resident along Pacific Place individually this week to determine whether a buffer can be maintained on some individual properties

As new information becomes available, we will post it here on the Ward 5 website.


7 thoughts on “UPDATE: Hydro One Meeting with City Officials

  1. Words are not enough to express our appreciation in all areas. Your “prompt” response and actions done are just exemplary. Thank you so much; on behalf ot the residents of Pacific Place, Denver, Water/Cedar St. Again not to mention all of those hikers, bikers, and dogwalkers that enjoy the beauty and serenity of this mini forest. For some of us that do not own cottages or having not enough funding to fly south (in the summertime our backyards become our Florida/Bahamas/Jamaica!!!) We are keeping our fingers crossed that Hydro One will indeed consider greatly to lessen their “harsh” project and allow us to keep enjoying the sheer beauty of nature, healthy habitat for birds/small creatures, and residents of Pacific Place continue to have much privacy. Thank you to you Leanne, Cathy, and City officials. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God Bless.

  2. I can’t thank the city enough for reacting to this in a swift prompt matter. As you can imagine emotions are running high around here. I have called this space a secret forest with my kids since they were babies. To see this magical space be destroyed is beyond heartbreaking for us.

  3. Thanks for arranging a breathing space to go after them to stop this clear cutting of a designated natural area. We need to gather as many resources as possible to fight their highhandedness.
    I have never even seen a Hydro One truck in this area for 31 years, so why now? Can Liz Sandals and the Ontario Government help stop this destruction??

  4. While it’s something that they’ve agreed to a public meeting, I see nothing in the meeting summary to suggest Hydro One intends to modify their approach except the property buffer comment. So what can we do to protect the trails and woodland around them? Surely there are some reasonable people at the table? Would the threat of a PR disaster have any effect? To remove mature trees when we are already losing all the ash seems inane.
    Thanks so much for your work on this and please let us know how we can help.

  5. Thank you for your prompt response to this situation. If we a lll work together just maybe a positive solution can be found. I not saying a perfect one but a better one than what is on the table now.

  6. I greatly appreciate the efforts by all involved to postpone the start date and to get a meeting. That is a good start. It think we will need a strategy that includes further research, some relevant experts, and a lot of community members in attendance if there is any hope of getting them to back-off the clear-cutting plan that they obviously prefer.

    Hydro one’s policy on Vegetation Management is useful background reading for the upcoming meeting (whenever that is).


    In particular the material under the following headings:

    “Using an Integrated Approach”
    They describe an array of options, but have clearly chosen the last and most extreme (clear-cutting) for our park area (because they have allowed it to become “overgrown”.) This is probably the most “cost effective” approach for them. We (and the City of Guelph) need to push back on this and ask for less drastic measures. We do not need to lose any more trees unnecessarily.

    “What Are Minimal Clearances?”
    Underneath the graphic the minimal clearance is define as 4.5 meters. Hydro One should confine their vegetation removal to 4.5 meters rather than the huge swath of land represented by the oval on their map. There does not appear to be a rationale in their own document for such a huge area to be cleared.

    Ultimately, Hydro One is still owned by Ontario and many Ontario communities have been affected by Hydro One’s lack of consideration. Can we get some pressure from local and provincial politicians on Hydro One to abandon its “one size fits all” slash and burn approach? It might save them money, but at too high a destructive cost.

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