EVENT: Ward Five Town Hall Meeting

Please join Ward 5 Councillors Cathy Downer and Leanne Piper for a


Thursday, May 28, 2015 

7:00 pm

St. Michael’s School (9 McElderry)


1.  Ward 5: A Historical Timeline  (Leanne Piper)

2.  Synopsis and Update of Current Issues (Cathy Downer)

3.  Open Town Hall Question and Answer (You!)

Refreshments will be provided.

Guelph Transit Challenge – Week One Reflections

The first week of the Guelph Transit (GT) Challenge is over!  Here is my progress report and observations:


  • Despite temptation, I have not used my car, asked for a ride or accepted a ride in a car.  I am 100% car-free!
  • Approximately 50% of my transportation needs have been met through Guelph Transit.  I have been a passenger on six different routes.
  • The remaining 50% of my transportation has been on foot or bicycle.

Observations (the good, the bad and the ugly):

  • drivers are friendly, helpful and professional.
  • buses have been on time, and I have made all my connections
  • planning ahead is essential!
  • comfy shoes and a good backpack are also essential
  • Guelph Central Station is desperately in need of landscaping, it is barren and crying out for greenery
  • smoking regulations are not being enforced at GCS or the University loop (including drivers setting a bad example) – it’s a turn off to non-smokers and I worry it will affect growing new ridership
  • gaps in service along Edinburgh, between Stone and College (east side) and Woolwich, between Tiffany and downtown (west side)
  • riders are very courteous to one another, offering seats to those in need, and helping with packages

Week Two is still ahead, and let’s face it, I haven’t been really challenged until I need to get somewhere in the rain.  I did manage a small load of groceries this week, but in the week ahead I need deliver a cake and buy a can of paint from Canadian Tire …. stay tuned.


Guelph Transit Challenge

It was a sunny 20+ degree day outside when I said “I’ll do it!” to the Guelph Transit Challenge.  Although I am already an occasional transit user, the truth is that my car is my primary means of transportation.  The reasons vary by month:  work requirements, family commitments, weather, etc.

Can I shift my 90% (car) and 10% (other) lifestyle in the other direction?  Can I ready to go car-free, cold turkey, for 31 days?   Many residents in Guelph do not have a choice. Without a car, what are the challenges faced daily by those who ride transit, walk or bike around the city?

Fellow Councillor Phil Allt was the first to rise to the GT Challenge, inspired by local resident Sian Matwey to make a commitment to make alternate transportation (transit, walk, bike) the primary means of getting around for one full month.

Follow Councillor Allt @PhilAlltWard3 and @Ward5Guelph on our GT Challenge experience.  Or better yet, join us, and share your observations with us.