Zoning Application for 171 Kortright Road West (former St. Matthias Church) Available Online

The Zoning By-law amendment application for 171 Kortright Road West (the former St. Matthias Anglican Church) on the corner of Kortright Road West and Edinburgh Road South was deemed complete on December 22, 2014 and is now available to for viewing on the City of Guelph website under “Active Development Files”.



Above image taken from GSP Group/HIP Developments Urban Design Brief for Solstice III 

Planning staff have not yet confirmed the exact date that this application will come before Council for the first meeting under the Planning Act, but anticipate late winter/early spring it will appear on Council’s planning agenda.

Once a date has been confirmed for this application to come before Council, a notice will be circulated to all property owners within 120 m of the site.  We will also post a copy of the notice here on the Ward 5 website.  At that time, correspondence and requests for public delegations can be submitted to the City Clerk at clerks@guelph.ca.

Questions about the application can be directed to City Planner Michael Witmer at michael.witmer@guelph.ca.

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