Mayor Karen Farbridge Recognized for Leadership

We often don’t recognize how well-regarded our city and our Mayor are until we leave the city limits.  The Canadian Urban Institute knows that great cities are no accident.  Leadership at all levels — politicians, staff and community — work together to develop and achieve great things.

Mayor Karen Farbridge has championed Guelph’s interests for well over a decade, much of it paying off this term.  Read about the City Builder Award that will bestowed upon our Mayor by the Canadian Urban Institute.

Congratulations Karen!


One thought on “Mayor Karen Farbridge Recognized for Leadership

  1. Leadership!? This is the leader who is responsible for the city’s lawsuit and the same leader that is responsible for the transit lock out. If she dares take credit as a leader it is both the good and the bad. Her apologies don’t cut it! She is the same leader who deserves all the blame if we give her all the kudos for positive things. Every coin has another side and her flip side is costing us millions!

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