Hanlon Creek Business Park Performing Well

Last week ‘s Guelph Tribune featured an article and editorial about the performance of Guelph Hanlon Creek Business Park.  Unfortunately, the article was entirely based on the personal commentary of one councillor.

Many of the statements made in the article, are inaccurate.   The Hanlon Creek Business Park is a long-range plan and, based on a land sales to date, is performing very well.   Servicing of land is ongoing, the Laird interchange officially opened just two months ago, and land sale and inquiries have been steady, despite a global economic recession.

When a business makes a choice to set up shop, a wide range of factors play into the final decision.  Access to talent, skilled trades, quality of life, energy costs, annual taxes, access to transportation networks and co-location of other related businesses are among the many considerations.  Guelph is extremely competitive and the Hanlon Creek Business Park is highly desirable on many fronts.  It is not the place for everyone — there are restrictions on certain types of manufacturing for example — and that is by design.  HCBP is intended to be different.  It has, and will continue, to attract businesses that understand the innovation economy.

Hanlon Creek Business Park Performance Report – February 2014

Patience.  Rome was not built in a day, nor will the HCBP or the Guelph Innovation District.   Visionary planning, patience and persistence are essential.


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