It’s official! I’m on the ballot….

Today, I signed all the official forms to stand as a candidate to represent Ward 5 in the 2014 Ontario municipal elections. My past two terms have been incredibly rewarding and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the constituents of my ward to make our city the best in the country.

I want to thank all of my supporters in the past, present and future. Specifically, thanks to my family: my children (Brad, Lyndsay, Bryan and Doug) and my husband Craig, and my parents Darlene and John Caron, and mother-in-law Anne, who have all been a solid foundation of support and encouragement to me over many years.

Thank you also to my many friends, neighbours and colleagues, who not only encouraged me to enter politics many years ago, but have also held me accountable. Sharing your thoughts, questions, and your experiences with city services — and yes, even challenging me from time to time — have provided me with a wider perspective of views and ideas.

I look forward to serving Ward 5 for another term and humbly ask for your support once again.



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