Who is John Galt?

The opening line of Ayn Rand’s famous novel Atlas Shrugged, Galt is later revealed to be the book’s main character.  Rand’s Galt is a fictional character who, ironically, is the opposite of Guelph’s John Galt.


The real John Galt is a more complex and interesting fellow than the fictional one.  The founder of the City of Guelph — celebrated locally each August civic holiday Monday as John Galt Day — deserves his name day.  Our city was conjured up in the imagination of our founding father before the town was even born.   Galt was much more than the entrepreneurial secretary of the Canada Company.  He was a novelist, political and social commentator, world traveller, adventurer, biographer, city planner, builder and inspirational leader.   He travelled in diverse circles, was a friend of Lord Byron, and his son, Alexander, was one of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation in 1867, who later became the country’s first Minister of Finance.


Read more on John Galt here.


Happy John Galt Day 2013! 

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