Jury of One Nails It

Mr. Tracey hit this issue squarely on the head.  


I’ve heard enough tenant stories over the years (including my own son) to know there is a problem.

I will be the first to say there are a lot of legal and safe rooms in Guelph, managed by responsible landlords.  But there are enough rooms out there that would not pass inspection to warrant action.   City Hall licences all sorts of things to protect public safety — dogs, hotels, motels,  restaurants, car washes, nail salons, street vendors, pawnbrokers, holistic establishments, just to name a few — why would we not also licence the business of rental accommodation for the same reason, to protect the health and safety of tenants?

What do you think?  Have your say.  Public consultation will begin soon, details to follow.  

If you are, or have ever been, a tenant with a story to share, please share it here, or email me at leanne.piper@guelph.ca and I will post it here on your behalf, name withheld.


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