Reminder Notice: All Ward 5 Residents Welcome to Shared Rental Housing Info Forum

Reminder: Hanlon Creek Neighbourhood Group is hosting a Shared Rental Housing Information Forum TONIGHT!
Wednesday, April 24th
7:00 pm
St. Matthias Church (corner of Edinburgh and Kortright)

ALL residents of Ward 5 are welcome to attend!

2 thoughts on “Reminder Notice: All Ward 5 Residents Welcome to Shared Rental Housing Info Forum

  1. In five years of attending these neighborhood meetings,give me one thing that council has passed
    To address the problem has not gone away like most of you on council keeps hoping it will.The same concerns and issues have not changed.I don’t understand why we need to attend more meetings.Please tell me what do you expect to hear,that everything is rosy?
    What’s the definition of insanity?doing and saying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
    Council knows what needs to be done,quit talking about it.We have heard it all.

  2. Hi Kubes –

    Over the past five years the city has taken several deliberate and effective measures to deal with the effects of shared rental housing in our community. Here are a few examples:

    1. Pro-active by-law enforcement officers: two new officers patrolling identified areas where past and current analysis of high concentrations of complaints, has resulted in higher compliance rates, additional fines and decrease in complaints.
    2. Increased fines: By-law staff have submitted requests to the Ontario Court of Justice to allow the city to levy higher fines offences such as noise and public urination.
    3. Building and Zoning Inspector: one full-time zoning inspector has been dedicated to Shared Rental Housing since 2012, 493 properties inspected to date, resulting in 243 properties being brought into compliance, and of the additional 250 still in process, legal proceedings have been commenced against 30. 74 unregistered accessory apartments have now been properly registered and 10 new certified lodging houses.
    4. Town and Gown Ontario; Guelph is a member of Town and Gown Assocation of Ontario, and is working with colleagues in other municipalities in Ontario to lobby for additiona taxes-in-lieu payments and regulatory authority to implement policies to control the destabilization of neighbourhoods as a result of shared rental housing impacts.
    5. Public Nuisance by-law: New by-law to restrict nuisance parties (ie. keg parties) and authority to shut down such parties.
    6. Collaboration with U of G: new program called “Right Food Forward” an education campaign aimed at promoting civility and community responsibility, as well as teaching new off-campus student about by-laws relating to waste seperation, parking, behaviour, noise, etc. The U of G has also approved and implemented a new Non-Academic Code of conduct and judicial process as of 2011.
    7. Delegation of authority re: noise: City By-law officers now respond to the majority of noise calls, and only call for Guelph Police backup if the situation warrants, Police dispatch records previous offences, and address for “zero tolerance” enforcement are logged and by-law infractions are issued at the next offence. Frees up police resources and saves money.
    8. New Shared Rental Housing Licencing project: currently in process, new authority for licencing rental properties given to municipalities in 2009. Guelph currently developing a new licencing category for shared rental housing providers, putting more responsibility on landlords.
    9. Violations to Property Owners: Tenants with infraction notices for property related offences are copied to landlords, putting greater emphasis on owner responsiblity for property maintenance.
    10. Co-ordinated Police response scheduling: redeployment of policing resources implemented by GPS for events such as Homecoming, Hallowe’en and St. Paddy’s Day. Decreased cost, with excellent results re: public order.

    These initiatives listed above have all happened within the last five years. It appears to be working, as during the meeting with the Hanlon Creek group many residents spoke about the noticeable difference in their neighbourhood, in a positive way.

    That being said, we cannot ever say that the problems associated with Shared Rental Housing are “solved”, because every year a new group of students transition to off-campus housing and new landlords enter the market. Constant vigilance, annual enforcement and education, and the use of new legislative tools will continue as part of the plan. And as always, community input and alternative solutions are welcome….


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