Councillor Lise Burcher Re-elected to FCM Board of Directors

Congratulations to Guelph city councillor Lise Burcher on her re-election to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors. The election took place this afternoon at the Annual General Meeting and Conference in Halifax, NS.

Burcher has represented the City of Guelph at the FCM national level since 2006.

One thought on “Councillor Lise Burcher Re-elected to FCM Board of Directors

  1. Dear Leanne Piper (Ward 5):

    According to my June 5, 2012 Property Tax I owe a total of 1250.58 in taxes. Apparently my Education levy is $218.79, Public Health Levy $17.35 and Municipal Levy a whopping $1014.44.

    I would like to propose an exemption for the Education levy for Single people. If families want to have children then they can pay the brunt of the cost for sending their children to Public School. I do not see why single folk should share in this cost. With online education such as Modular Online Opportunity Classes or MOOC being offered to hundreds of thousands of people for FREE, perhaps the tide is changing on Public Education and taxes to support it. Wouldn’t it be more practical for children to be home schooled in light of all of the school violence, bullying and peer pressure? Think of all the moral good in avoiding pitfalls like premarital sex (e.g. STD’s and pregnancy), getting addicted to smokes, alcohol and drugs at after school parties.

    Also, I do not see why the majority of my tax bill should go towards supporting the Municipality on items like road repair and Guelph Transit, when I bike or walk. I also do not see why my taxes should go towards garbage pick up, when my local condo corporation has private waste removal and we do not recycle. Public Works is quite the name for a Municipal service that’s in charge of picking up downed tree limbs and branches after storms, emptying waste receptacles downtown and at transit stops, and maintaining clean Parks. Please, if you want to further eliminate the tax burden on the public, then do us all a favour and eliminate Public Works and instead get a Public BACK TO WORK who are bored out of their gored, unemployed, on welfare and disability; instead of wasting hard earned tax dollars. You see the reason why so many people have addiction and substance abuse is because they have too much time on their hands and they self medicate their boredom to preserve their sanity. Ironically for most the opposite effect transpires and the government has to increase tax dollars for Addiction recovery programs and health related costs due illnesses associated with these addictions and drug abuses. Crimes such as theft, robberies, vandalism and vagrancy can ALL be eliminated if our Municipal, Provincial and Federal government took a more proactive approach to these problems.

    Finally in regards, to the Public Health Levy, I already pay a $250.00 premium on my taxes towards Public Health every year at tax time. I do not see why I should pay for local Health services even if their are people on physical or mental disability. These people should be forced to work part time at the very least and pay their brunt of the tax burden. STOP writing these individuals blank checks for food and shelter and instead transition them back to work. They can use the food bank if they are really hungry or in the future according to Pop Science magazine (Mar. 2013 ed.) people will soon have the ability to print their very own food on 3D printers as well as clothes. This way Public Tax dollars do not have to be wasted to support people on welfare and disability using alcohol, smokes, drugs or gambling. I think for a cleaner, safer and healthier Canadian future government should seriously think about banning these addictive substances and habits, as they ONLY have negative health consequences.

    Mandatory Public Volunteering much like the Peace Corp. in the U.S. should be brought to Canada to teach our young children and unemployed adults that, a Community that works together is a Community that works towards a common goal of peace, unity, and lets not forgot harmonious joy, despite our unique character and diversity in faith.

    Please consider these choices in deciding any future tax increases in Guelph in light of the economic burden we are under and consider the alternative options at our disposal.


    Enoch Sorcik

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