Canada’s Number ONE Next Most Livable City? GUELPH! has ranked Guelph as Canada’s # 1 Next Most Livable City.    We are no stranger to being in the top 1o or 15, but this ranking is especially sweet  because our Community Energy Initiative, our world-class university and our stong neighbourhoods are mentioned as some of the reasons Guelph ranks so high.


Check out the article here…



2 thoughts on “Canada’s Number ONE Next Most Livable City? GUELPH!

  1. And how do we keep our Ward 5 neighbourhoods livable when we are surrounded by absentee- landlord housing geared to students? Many of these landlords and many of the students seem not to care about the future of my neighbourhood. I fear that my area will become a student ghetto like Waterloo’s Northdale. How will the city ‘protect’ the diversity and hence the livability of our Ward 5 neighbourhoods?

  2. Just catching up on some reading and couldn’t help but reply.
    Since the opening gambit of the article reads “Guelph is a progressive university town”, how do you have a “university town” progressive or not, without students? Truly sorry your frame of reference is not a good one, but have to wonder – what have you contributed to the mix.

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