Living Sustainably in the City

This article from the weekend Guelph Mercury is a good opportunity to talk about how city dwellers can live more sustainably within the urban environment.

Obviously, city residents can’t live off of the land to the degree that Arlene Slocombe is doing, but there are ways that the City is encouraging us to move in that direction — through the Community Energy Initiative and Water Conservation Strategy — with stated targets such as “lowest energy use per capita than comparable Canadian municipalities” and increasing locally-produced clean energy (solar, co-gen, etc.)

Here’s a sampling of initiatives already underway:

  • rainwater collection incentives
  • urban farming / community gardens
  • solar installations / green roof buildings
  • pollinator park
  • increased tree canopy targets
  • adding bicycle lanes
  • improvements to public transit
  • by-law allowing backyard chicken coops
  • district heating and cooling precincts

Any more ideas?  Share them here…

One idea I heard recently was to add canoe docking facilities along the two rivers, so that residents can paddle to work and/or school.  I like it!


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