“Be a Good Sort”

During the holidays, I noticed that my own family have become lazy sorters, so I reminded them (again) that it is important to keep recyclables out of the clear bag.

“But it all goes to the same place, Mom,” they said.

Oh no!  If my own family has fallen into the trap of thinking that, it’s time for a reminder.  Yes, your blue, green and clear bags all go to the Guelph Waste Resource Innovation Centre (WRIC) — but that’s not their final destination.   Each waste stream goes somewhere else from there.

Blue bags are the most imporant stream to keep “pure” in my opinion.  The blue bags are seperated into different recyclable commodities and sold to generate revenue that goes towards the city’s bottom line.

Clear bags are going to a landfill in St. Thomas, Ontario.   Green bags are going to a energy-from-waste facility across the border (but not for long).

A new year’s resolution for my family is to “be good sorts.”

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