Farmer’s Market at its Best Today

Guelph’s community spirit was alive and well at the Farmer’s Market today!  Thank you to all the vendors who set up shop and to the many, many regular and new customers who came out to support them.  Over 2,600 people came out between  7 am and 12 noon to show their Market spirit! 

The City Hall venue was bustling with the sound of music, chatter and excitement.   Market Square and City Hall are the roots of the market experience in Guelph, so the change of scenery was a “homecoming” of sorts.  Although the relocation of the market came about through less-than-ideal circumstances, today’s event was a testament to how our community comes together when the going gets tough.

City staff, under the leadership of Derek McCaughan, Ann Pappert and Mayor Farbridge, have been working non-stop this week to troubleshoot every minor detail to bring the market to life in the halls of City Hall.  THANK YOU!!!

See you all again next week!


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