Canadian Solar Inc. Praises Guelph As Their New Home

A major economic development announcement was made this morning in Guelph — the opening of a new site for Canadian Solar Inc. ,  bringing up to 500 jobs to the city and adding to our growing reputation as a centre for investment in clean and green jobs.   The new facility will be the largest solar manufacturing site in North America, and the first one outside of China for Canadian Solar Inc.

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This announcement did not happen overnight and recognition is due for the months and months of work behind the scenes to make this happen.   It is ironic that the media has enjoyed playing up on a recent consultant’s report that Guelph is not friendly to business.   Yet, during today’s announcement, the CEO of Canadian Solar Inc. said the complete opposite;  saying that they walked out of their first meeting at City Hall and “knew we had found home.”

Most evident in the speeches was that Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative was a SIGNIFICANT deciding factor in building a relationship with the city.    CSI officials specifically named Mayor Karen Farbridge and Guelph Hydro as key players in giving them the confidence they had chosen the right location.

The Community Energy Initiative is proving to be a major force in guiding our economic and environmental future, and is attracting attention outside our borders.   For more information on where we are going and how we plan to get there, read more about the Community Energy Initiative here.