Brooklyn Ice Rink Now Open

Announcement from OUR 3 Bridges Neighbourhood Group:

Hi Everyone,

This announcement is a little tardy but for those who haven’t been down to Water Street in awhile, the rinks are open! There are 2 rinks this year, an enlarged main rink and a small toddler rink. People were actually skating on them as early as Dec 22. Enjoy!

Volunteers required

1) Flooders – We would like to build 6 – 8 flooding teams. Flooding orientation will be Monday night @ 7:30 starting at 80 Water St across from the rink. We would like it if all Rink Rats were to come out so we could share our collective knowledge and all be on the same page. If you are interested in flooding but can’t make it Monday, please email us at to get on our list and we will train you at a later date.

2) Shovellers – Anyone is welcome to help with shoveling. Snow needs to be shoveled but we also need to clear the rink each time we flood. To get on a volunteer list for this duty please email us at

The more volunteers the better so we can spread the work around fairly.

We would like to again thank everyone who has contributed in making these rinks possible this year. We are nearing our financial goal. This is truly a community effort and shows that with everyone kicking in, we can accomplish big things!

See you at the rink(s)!


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