Construction Halts at New City Hall

The following press release was issued by the City of Guelph this afternoon:

City terminates contractor’s right to continue work on new City Hall; is working with bonding company to address next steps

GUELPH, ON, Friday, September 19, 2008 – The City of Guelph has terminated Urbacon Buildings Group’s – the contractor hired to construct Guelph’s Civic Administration Centre – right to continue work on the new City Hall.

The decision, made based on advice from the City’s contracted solicitor, comes after Urbacon failed to correct numerous breaches of contract and would not provide an acceptable schedule for the satisfactory completion of its contract.

The City of Guelph will now work with the bonding company to discuss ways and means of continuing work on the project and seeing it through to completion.

Guelph Chief Administrative Officer Hans Loewig says, “I believe this will allow us to complete the project sooner and be more cost-effective. The City is now in a better position to direct the completion of the project and firm up the move-in date.”

Guelph‘s new City Hall is part of a larger construction and restoration effort that will house both City Hall and the Provincial Offences Court. The new construction and contemporary design will unify the block’s historical elements to form an integrated space that asserts a distinct architectural identity and create a vibrant, high-quality civic space for all residents.

Guelph Hydro Business Case BDR Review Summary Available

Findings of GHESIHorizon business case analysis made available

GUELPH, ON, September 19, 2008 – The City of Guelph has received agreement from BDR to allow it to release a summary of its analysis of a business case concerning the proposed merger between Guelph Hydro Electric System Inc. (GHESI) and Horizon Utilities Corp (H.U.C.).

BDR is the consulting firm retained to conduct an expert, independent peer review of the GHESIHorizon business case and accompanying analysis performed by Deloitte.

BDR’s conclusion after thorough analysis is that the business case is fair and reasonable from a financial point of view.

A summary of BDR’s findings are available at

Click to access Guelph-Final-Presentation-single-electric.pdf