Welcome Students

Yes, it’s that time of year again. University of Guelph is welcoming new and returning students back to Guelph this weekend. Gordon Street (between Stone and College) will be closed Sunday, September 2, for the move-in mayhem.

Each year, Ward 5 (and the city) welcomes students into our neighbourhoods. In most cases, students add vibrancy and diversity to our community. They work, study, shop, volunteer and enjoy life as a resident of our city. However, some individuals have not yet learned the essential lifeskill of being a good neighbour. This is an ongoing challenge.

There are several things that we can do as a community to overcome these challenges.

An excellent resource for those with ongoing issues is the University of Guelph Neighbourhood Relations Co-ordinator. Her name is Kathryn Hofer and she has a great deal of experience in mediation and community development. Kathryn can help student tenants deal with landlord and safety issues, but is also a great resource to long-time residents in dealing with difficult housing problems. Call Kathryn at (519) 824-4120 ext. 56276.

In addition, the City of Guelph has a number of by-laws to protect the safety and security of residents and students.

Property Standards – no furniture on lawns, garbage, property maintenance, etc. If you have concerns about the condition of a property, call (519) 837-5615 or email building@guelph.ca

Shared Rental Housing – no more than 4 unrelated persons per detached household unit. Accessory apartments are limited to 2 bedrooms.  Any dwelling exceeding this limit (5 or more unrelated persons) is classified as a Lodging House.  Lodging Houses need to be certified by the City of Guelph.  No certified lodging house can be 100m from another lodging house. If you suspect an illegal lodging house on your street, call our Zoning and Building department at (519) 837-5615 or email building@guelph.ca. They will inspect to ensure compliance – this is for student safety as well. A complete copy of the Shared Rental Housing Regulation can be found at http://guelph.ca/living.cfm?subCatID=1303&smocid=1886

Noise By-Law – Courtesy and respect should be shown at all times even during the day, when shift workers may be sleeping. Guelph Police Services enforces the noise by-law – call (519) 824-1212 for enforcement if you experience excessive noise. It is sometimes preferable as a neighbour to be approached personally first, but if you suspect a hostile confrontation, better to call the Police Services.
Of course, you are also welcome to call me to help with your student housing concerns at any time – (519) 824-9000 or email leanne.piper@guelph.ca


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