Essex & Waterloo Road Access

Dear Mayor Farbridge and City Council Members,

We are aware that a road has been proposed to be cut through the small park between Essex Street and Waterloo at the corner of Gordon Street in order to accommodate a large truck that occasionally uses the street. Apparently two large trees have already been removed to create a turnaround where Essex dead-ends at Gordon.

Guelph Urban Forest Friends is very concerned about the additional loss of trees that will occur as a result of this road. Park land and trees are precious resources that belong to all citizens of the city. We ask that a public consultation be held with respect to the proposed road and that well prior to commencement of work on the project, the alignment of the road be clearly delineated with signs and that all trees slated for removal be clearly marked with signs so that the people who use and value this park are aware of the proposal.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tara Treanor, Norah Chaloner & Judy Martin
on behalf of GUFF

One thought on “Essex & Waterloo Road Access

  1. This proposal is coming to council committee (Community Design and Environmental Services) on Friday, August 4 – 9:30 am – Council Chambers.

    The Engineering Report can be found at

    I think the proposal is raising a lot of good question – from both business owners, Waterloo Ave. residents and market patrons.

    What do you think? If you would like to speak as a delegation to the committee, call the City Clerk’s office to register your name. Call 519-837-5603 or email


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