John McCrae School

Sorry – I accidentally deleted a post re: John McCrae School so I am creating a new thread so that the discussion can continue.

I’ve reposted it below:

Comment from Gord Sloan:

Thanks Leanne

Could I suggest that a more appropriate site for a “core area” school would be College Ave School. JMS site is not appropriate when it can only be sustained by the use of buses for getting a majority of students to that site.


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2 Responses to John McCrae School

  1. ward5 says:

    I think the Board looked at the College Avenue site, and there were problems with the school structure ie. cost to renovate and/or demolish and rebuild. There is a hydro corridor running through the back of the site. I will ask Linda Busuttil or Mark Bailey (Ward 5 School Board Trustees) to comment.



  2. Linda Busuttil says:

    Thank you Leanne. I have spoken with Mr Sloan in the past and he may contact me again at any time.

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