John McCrae School

Posted by Gord Sloan

Does anyone else have concerns about the plans to build a new school? I certainly do. Such as:
The new school will be at least twice the size/capacity of the current building-so a much larger building.

This is no longer a neigbourhood school. The majority of those attending have to be bused in. There is a minimum of 10 school buses servicing the school currently. Another large percentage arrive by family car. Not a walkable site for majority of students.

The students who attend this school live between the Speed River and the 401!! Obviously the school is geographically poorly located to serve the area in question.

Water St has been experiencing traffic pressures for sometime, which in turn has had a negative affect on the quality of life for residents of Water St. Expanding the school and the traffic that is generated by the school will make the living environment even less appealing for residents.

Residents have not been consulted about the plans for the John McCrae site, by the school board.

Who is looking out for the interests of the residents that are going to be most directly affected by this project? I have had no communication from the school board trustees for Ward 5, either to keep us informed or to ask for any input.

Gord Sloan


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