Ward 5 Heroes: Lisa Mactaggart and Moritz Sanio


Last year when the Silvercreek Park Community was upset and disheartened by the clear cutting of the Hydro Corridor, LIsa and Moritz stepped up to demonstrate how this land could be transformed into a different, attractive space with many environmental benefits for the birds, insects, wildlife and ultimately the community. Lisa, a local landscape architect, and Moritz, from Trees for Guelph, lead groups of local students and residents to plant 2100 wildflowers and over 700 shrubs and trees. What an inspiration they are! They are now known as the ‘Dynamic Duo’ .We plan to recognize the members of the Silvercreek Park Community in one of our future Ward 5 Heroes posts.


Ward 5 Hero: Dorothy Scott

Dorothy Scott

If you’ve ever admired the Victorian cottage garden at the Lt.-Col. John McCrae Birthplace Museum on Water Street, you have Dorothy Scott to thank.   Her dedication to the creation of an authentic perennial garden circa 1870s – just like the one Mrs. McCrae might have had – is an inspiration.  She doesn’t let age or weather deter her from getting into the dirt to keep the gardens looking their best.  A resident of Ward 5 for decades, we are thankful for the gift of her talents to the community.


McCrae House volunteer, Mrs. Dorothy Scott, weeding and planting a new section of the authentic Victorian cottage garden.

Ward 5 Heroes: Hanlon Creek Neighbourhood Group

Hanlon  Creek Neighbourhood Group Leaders

We are happy to announce the Team Leaders of the Hanlon Park Neighbourhood Group (HPNG) as the first to be recognized as Ward 5 Heroes.

This group faithfully meets once a month to plan events to connect individuals and families together in their neighbourhood.  They organize events such as Moonlight Sledding, Clothing Swaps and the upcoming Food Forest Spring Festival (May 14) to mention just a few of many. Community building at its best!

This ‘team’ has developed special friendships with each other over the up to eleven years together going on road trips and participating in a Try-a-Tri.

Thank you for making Guelph a great place to live!


Photo (left to right):  Xin Pan, Karen Bechard, April Nejedly, Valerie Smith, Claudia Berke, Jennifer Craig, Michelle Wall and Gail Francis.

Mixing Ice Cream and Politics

Yes, politics and ice cream do mix.  Join Councillor Cathy Downer and myself at the Boathouse for Poli-Licks, a chance to chat about local issues that matter to you.

When:  Wednesday, April 27

Time:  3:00 – 4:30 pm

Where:  The Boathouse Ice Cream and Tea Room  (Gordon Street at the Speed River)

How:   Grab a cone or a tea or whatever you fancy on your own, and then join us in the Tea Room to chat about local issue.  We will have a group of chairs at the back (east) of the Boathouse.




Harvard Road Buses – too many?

Harvard Road currently carries 9 buses an hour during peak times. The residents of Harvard Road have been advocating for a reduction in the number of buses. One of the buses is an express to the University and many believe it could be diverted to Stone Road.

On April 4th, the Public Services Committee will be discussing a staff report which explores a number of options. The recommended option is to reroute #57 to use Stone Road westbound for a trial period – Sept 2016 to April 2017. Public consultation will be part of the trial.

Here is the report: http://guelph.ca/wp-content/uploads/040416_ps_agenda.pdf

If you wish to speak to the committee on April 4th please register with the Clerk’s Department clerks@guelph.ca before Monday, April 4th at 11:00. You will be given 5 minutes.

You may provide written feedback as well by sending it to the clerks@guelph.ca by 11:00 on Monday, April 4th. Please also copy Councillor Cathy Downer as Chair of the Public Services Committee -cathy.downer@guelph.ca